A country with strong economy is capable of everything
H. Aliyev

Azerbaijan, which historically occupies an important place in foreign trade and, through the territory of which the Silk Roads passed, still has unlimited strategic opportunities for regional and international business ...

To 50 countries, covering 50% of the world's consumers.

A 4-hour air distance

Free introduction to the markets of the CIS and Georgia with 270 million consumers and 1.6 billion

A rare opportunity to enter the markets of Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan

A significant transit center, through which the East-West, South-North, South-West transit routes pass

Travel from China to Europe
with 70% time savings

Travel from India to Europe with
60% time savings

Developed infrastructure
5 international airports
Baku-Tbilisi-Kars railway (Iron Silk Road)
10 - 11.5 million tons of cargo in the new "Baku International Commercial Sea Port" (it will be increased to 21-25 million tons)
Cargo transportation by TRACECA corridor increased by 1.3 times

Seasonal weather and climate, which will please everyone...

9 of 11 climatic zones are in Azerbaijan.

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